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Nordvika Old Trading Post, on Dønna

The old trading post at Nordvika is one of the oldest and most intact in all of Nordland County. The museum is beautifully situated between towering mountains on the island of Dønna, just a ferry ride from its nearest town, Sandnessjøen.

The buildings of the trading post included an inn, a school, a post office, a steamship quay, and a manned telephone station that people would visit to make long-distance calls to other parts of Norway. In its heyday in the 1880s, the trading post played a key role in the coastal trade with Bergen, which was the hub of Norway’s export and import activities.

The area around Nordvika is a deemed to have a particularly valuable cultural landscape. The diversity and composition of its flora is quite unique. A visit to Nordvika Old Trading Post is a great way to gain insights into the old coastal and merchant culture of Northern Norway.

During the summer, you can see the exhibitions, shop in the old country store, or relax with a cup of coffee in the old lounge, which has wallpaper decorated with real gold.

Nordvika is situated 1.5 km north of Solfjellsjøen on the island of Dønna.

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Nordvika Old Trading Post, on Dønna

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