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Norsk Havbrukssenter


Experience farmed fish close up and visit a sea farm to learn more about sea farming. Situated on the way to Torghatten.

Experience farmed fish close up and visit a sea farm to learn more about sea farming. Situated on the way to Torghatten. Fish - farming, and especially the export of salmon is one of Norway's biggest export industries. Use this unique opportunity to learn more about fish-farming - feed the salmon, use the controls in the control-room, and learn more about life in the ocean.

Most people have heard of the aquaculture industry, but only a few have seen it up close. Here at Toft you can see the salmon jump, you can see it underwater via cameras and learn about all aspects of modern aquaculture.

Guided tours outdoors on the farm

You get an insight into the industry's benefits and challenges and skilled guides take you around the display facility where salmon feeding, underwater camera and "mini aquarium" are among the activities.

In the summer we hold guided tours every day, and drop-in is possible. Welcome!

Indoor exhibition with audio guide

Campus BLÅ Norsk Havbrukssenter also has an indoor exhibition about aquaculture, with fresh and saltwater aquariums, and a smaller section that deals with Trollfjell Geopark and local history. The exhibition is available during opening hours.

Throughout the year, the Norwegian Aquaculture Center receives a large number of tourists and other visitors and is happy to tailor its own arrangements for groups who wish to do so. Everything on the trip out towards Torghatten.

Experience salmon farming up close. Welcome to Campus BLÅ Norsk Havbrukssenter at Toft, six kilometers outside Brønnøysund.

Opening hours: Every day 08.00-20.00.

TASTE Restaurant
SMAK (taste) is a new and proud addition to Campus BLÅ Norsk Havbrukssenter. The restaurant is located in idyllic surroundings with great views of Toftsundet. We serve  lunch , coffee and cakes. Stop by for a very tasty and different dining experience!

Opening hours: Monday- Friday 12.30-18.00, Saturday 12.30-19.00, Sundays closed.

Accommodation in fisherman's cabins
Campus BLÅ Norsk Havbrukssenter has eleven state-of-the-art fisherman's cabins. The large windows offer fantastic views of Toftsundet. Read more about the accommodation here.

The fisherman's cabins are located 6 kilometers outside Brønnøysund. The famous mountain Torghatten is 10 km away.

Source: Kystriksveien Reiseliv


Norsk Havbrukssenter


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