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North Sea Trail Hovden

The island Hovden outside Florø is worth a visit. The North Sea Trail goes around the island and to Kvanhovden lighthouse, where you can stay overnight.

Hovden is the northernmost and largest island in Flora municipality at 15 km2. The island is perfect for walks with its mountains, mountain lakes and flat stretches along the beaches, rocky coastline, bays and inlets. You can gain breath taking views of the nearby islands, open sea and mainland to the east.

Kvanhovden Lighthouse

Kvanhovden Lighthouse is located on a crag northeast on the island, 40 metres above sea level. It is one of the highest located lighthouses in the country, with a spectacular view north and south along the line of sunken rocks and skerries, and west to the open ocean. To stay overnight in the lighthouse is an extraordinary experience. In good weather you can sit out on the terrace and enjoy the sunset and tranquillity. But when it storms it's an even bigger experience. You feel very small as the waves break up over the living room window, but at the same time safe in a lighthouse that has withstood storms and wind for more than a 100 years. The North Sea Trail You can hike the North Sea Trail as a round trip around the island with the dock at Barekstad as a starting point. Follow the road to the west until the junction at Halshammervik. The trail then takes you over grass and heather to the Kjetang river and its little stone bridge. Follow the signposts until the junction and picnic spot at Stegane. Further on, at vestre Stegane, you get views of Domba below. The path follows the steep ground down to Dombevatn Lake, and is secured with steps and handrail. Continue to indre Dombevågen, crossing fields to the signpost to Domba quay and to Kvanhovden lighthouse. The trail to Kvanhovden is easy and full of great nature experiences. The hike takes about 2,5 hours from the starting point at Barekstad. From the lighthouse the hike continues to Sildevåg. From here you follow the trail south towards Barekstad. This part of the trail goes through heather, grass and rocky patches. There is a picnic stop on the top of Vemannsrøysa, at 239 metres, with views in all directions. The last part of the trail is quite steep. From Kvanhovden lighthouse to Barekstad it takes about 2 hours. You can also walk to Barekstad by Hovdevåg, which is a longer, but easier hike, as 5 km of the route follow the main road on the island. When you come to the junction at Sildevåg you get of the trail and head towards Hovdevåg. From here you follow the main road south to Barekstad. This route takes about 3 hours from the lighthouse. It takes about 5 hours to hike the North Sea Trail around the island.

The tourist information in Florø has maps and tour description. How to get here: The local boat service depart from Florø to Barekstad on Hovden several times a day. Barekstad is the main stop on the island, while stops at Kjetangen and Domba can be booked. The boat trip takes about 30 minutes, and is a comfortable journey through the archipelago. For more information contact

Source: Visit FjordKysten


North Sea Trail Hovden

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