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North sea trail Mølstrevåg - Ryvarden

Walk through heathlands in hilly terrain and old cultural landscape towards Ryvarden. 

Mølstrevåg – Ryvarden

Mølstrevåg in Sveio


Hiking map for Sveio (1:50 000)

Start and stop point



On marked location in Mølstrevåg.


Information board at the start point. Graded after colour codes, and marked with red T.


Green. Easy walk. 

Difference in Altitude

0-25 M.S.L

Time used

40 min. tour/retour


Gravel road in broken country. Some inclines.

Good advices

the trip is possible for wheelchairs/strollers, but some steep hills may make it difficult if you are in a wheelchair. The road is closed for cars etc. If special needs, you may make an agreement to drive the road by car.

Tour description

Leave Rv 47 by the sign to Mølstrevåg, about 9 km north of Haugesund. Follow Rv541 approximately 6 km to the sign to Ryvarden. Proceed 1 km to parking in Mølstrevåg.

The walk starts from the parking lot in Mølstrevåg and proceeds 2 km on a gravel road. It leeds through heathlands in hilly terrain and old cultural landscape towards Ryvarden. From the highest point on the road (appr half way on the walk to Ryvarden) there is a magnificent view of Stord and Bømlo, Utsira and even as far south as Byheiane outside Haugesund. From the old rocky fence which defines Ryvardsneset, you may follow the North Sea Trail to Lyngholm (1,5 hours).

Just before you reach the lighthouse, you may make a detour to the monument raised in memory of the 16 persons that lost their lives at the fast boat "Sleipner" sank near by Ryvarden in 1999.

Ryvarden lighthouse is located where the old cairn "Ryvarden" once stood. This cairn was the border marker between the districts of Ryfylke and Hordaland as far back as the Viking Era. The old Icelandic manuscript Landnåmbok mentions that the seafarer Floke Vilgjerdson built the cairn in the year 868, before he proceeded westward to settle in Island. Floke is known for being the one that named Iceland (Island). The old cairn was removed in 1861, when the lighthouse was build.

After the lighthouse was automated (1984), the old buildings started a new existence as Ryvarden Kulturfyr, with a gallery, cafe, accommodation, and an artist's studio. The gallery has several separate exhibitions throughout the season, and has become a popular destination also for the local population. The gallery is open on Sundays and holidays from Easter to November, and also further days during the summer season.


Source: Samarbeidsrådet for Sunnhordland


North sea trail Mølstrevåg - Ryvarden

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