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North Sea Trail Utvær

Experience the North Sea Trail on Utvær, the westernmost point in Norway!

At the doorstep of the North Sea you can explore the municipality of Solund, an island paradise with more than 1700 islands. Far west is the idyllic island Utvær - you cannot get further west in Norway than here! The North Sea Trail is an easy walk around the island, where Norway's westernmost lighthouse is located. Open sea surrounds the island, and you will be overwhelmed by its power! Enjoy the atmosphere of the traditional fishing hamlet, with charming houses around the bay. Along the trail you can see several historical sites, including a place where the Vikings used to sharpen their swords before heading west.

The trail starts at the by the dock, where there is a map and information about the island. The trail is marked with blue colour, and it is easy to find your way. How to get there: During the summer season there are guided tours to Utvær from Hardbakke in Solund. You can also book your own private tour, or get there on your own using a boat. Contact for more information. There are many accommodation possibilities in Solund. Visit for more information.

Source: Visit FjordKysten


North Sea Trail Utvær

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