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Northern Lights Cruise with MS Strønstad

Discover the Mystical Dance of the Aurora Borealis.

Family-friendly and comfortable evening cruise:

Join us on an enchanting journey to the hearth of the Arctic night onboard our vintage ship MS Strønstad. Our Northern Lights cruise runs from 15 October to 1 April is a combination of a Northern Light experience and a comfortable evening cruise with the elegance of a classic vessel, enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Key highlights:

Guided tour under the Arctic sky: As we sail into the Arctic night, our experienced guide will take you on an educational and adventurous tour with the Northern Lights as a theme. Learn about the science, history, and the cultural significance of this natural wonder as we gaze up at the sky in pursuit of the Northern Lights

Family Friendly Experience:

Our cruise is designed to be family-friendly, with shorter durations compared to competing products. This ensures that even our youngest travelers can enjoy and admire the Northern Lights in a comfortable and safe way.

Comfortable onboard facilities:

Enjoy our onboard facilities, offering a level of comfort not comparable to traditional Northern Lights tours by bus. Enjoy our offer of free coffee, tea and biscuits while you enjoy yourself on board our cozy lounges. The bar offers a variety of snacks and drinks throughout your journey. Note: Costs for food and beverages are in addition to the ticket price.

Captain's Chat and Wheelhouse Exploration:

Experience a exiting visit to the wheelhouse, this is an offer that gives you and your family the opportunity for an interesting chat with the captain and insight into both modern and traditional navigation. Visits to the bridge are arranged on request, please contact our guide for an appointment.

Book your Northern Lights adventure:

This Northern Lights cruise facilitates an unforgettable evening under the Arctic sky, tailored for individuals, families and groups seeking a comfortable and exciting Northern Lights adventure. Book your tickets today and join us as we sail into the fairytale realm of Aurora Borealis. Experience the magic, science, and culture of this heavenly spectacle in the front row aboard the vintage vessel MS Strønstad.


If you want to extend the experience, order a pre-experience and enjoy our Full Steam Northern Lights dinner in our restaurant at the harbor in front of our ship, a culinary journey into the Arctic food culture, serving starts at 18:00 read more at .

Included:Transport, guide, coffee, tea and biscuits

Please bring:Warm clothes, warm boots and camera

Number of participants:2 - 40

Level of difficulty:Easy

Departure time and place: 7PM from the harbor close to Full Steam (Søndre Tollbodgate 3)

Duration: 4 hours

Last updated: 02/05/2024

Source: Visit Tromsø-Region

Northern Lights Cruise with MS Strønstad

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