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Norwegian Rock Blasting Museum Hunderfossen

Enjoy a journey back in history – 240 metres inside the mountain! The Norwegian Rock Blasting Museum offers a world of excitement.

By the entrance are plant locomotives, huge dumpers, and a 7-metre-high digger weighing 218 tonnes! Explore further, and you reach the exciting the 245 m tunnel inside the mountain. With water dripping from the roof, it tells the unique history of Norwegian rock blasting. Hand tools and machinery, along with impressive photographs and striking illumination, bring to life stories about mining, hydro power, roads, and railway from the 1600s to modern times. In a safe setting you get to experience the sounds, the temperature, and – last, but not least – the shadowy nooks and crannies deep inside the bedrock. Watch a film, look at pictures, and study artefacts from ancient times to today. The film is available in Norwegian, English, and German.

Source: Visit Lillehammer


Norwegian Rock Blasting Museum Hunderfossen

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