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Øystre Slidre

Norwegian Scenic Route Valdresflye

Norwegian Scenic Routes are scenic roads for exploring Norway’s breathtaking landscapes, comprises selected stretches across the country. Mountains, fjords and coastline form the core of the travel experience. Bold architecture placed in magnificent natural scenery gives the attraction its special ­character.

The 49 km long road section across Valdresflye, between Garli (near Beitostølen) and Besstrondsæter in Vågå, provides endless vistas as it hovers free and light above the mountain plateau, with excellent views towards the Jotunheimen National Park. The road’s highest point is 1,389 metres above sea level which makes it Norway's next highest mountain pass. The journey also passes through old cultivated landscape with summer farms in the mountain pastures.
The areas of Bygdin and Gjende are important starting points for magnificent mountain hiking in Jotun­heimen, and from the DNT tourist cabin, Gjendesheim, you can pursue the famous Besseggen or Bukkelægret by following the footsteps of Peer Gynt.

The road is open from approx. beginning of April until approx. middle of November, depending on the snow and weather conditions.

Recommended attractions across Valdresflye
- The characteristic mountain Bitihorn
- The road's emblem "Rock on top of another rock"
- The big mountain lakes Bygdin and Gjende
- The ridge Besseggen, one of the most popular hikes in the country
- The valley Leirungsdalen with the mountains Øystre Leirungstind and Kvitskardtind and the river Leirungsåe
- Lappish camp with a fenced area for reindeer at the foot of Bitihorn
- River Sjoa at Maurvangen and Sjodalen valley
- The mountains Munken and Rasletinden mirroring in Lake Øvre Sjodalsvatnet

Recommended activities across Valdresflye
- Hike over the Besseggen ridge
- Hike to the summit of Bitihorn
- Hike to Gravolskampen
- Short hikes of up to 30 minutes one way to Fisketjernnuten, Grønekinnkampen and Smørkoll
- Fishing in Sjoa, Gjende, Bygdin, Vinstre and Rjupetjednet
- Cycling tour along Jotunheimvegen
- Multi-day-hike in Jotunheimen National Park​​Starting points along the road are Bygdin Høifieldshotel, Flye1389, Gjendesheim or Bessheim
- Boat trip with M/B Bitihorn across Lake Bygdin
- Cross-country skiing during spring in groomed tracks on the high mountain plateau Valdresflye (April and May)
- Ski tour to Rasletinden and the Kalvehøgde massif

Places to eat along the road
- Bygdin Høifieldshotel
- Flye1389

Viewpoints along the road
- Rjupa: Designated parking/rest area situated on the southern slope from Bygdin towards the top of the road on Valdresflye with far vistas towards Bitihorn and over Lake Vinstervatn with mountain pastures along the shore.
Vargbakkane: Designated parking/rest area situated on the northern slope from the high plateau towards Gjendesheim with a great view towards several 2000m-summits, Knutshøe, Lake Nedre Leirungen and the Besseggen ridge.
- Flye1389: Designated parking/rest area at the highest point of the road with circular vistas over the plateau and a number of 2000m-summits. 

For more information about the road standard, please visit Statens Vegvesen.
For more information about the Norwegian Scenic Routes, please visit Nasjonale turistveger.

Source: Valdres Destinasjon


Norwegian Scenic Route Valdresflye

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