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Oleana - Économusée

Oleana invites you to an eventful journey through our factory, following the production process from yarn to finished product.

Oleana are proud to say that we knit and sew everything we produce in Norway.  The factory is located in historical environment at sealevel in Ytre Arna in the outskirts of Bergen. It was here the Norwegian textileindustry started in 1846. Every day we find ourselves and our iconic design in connection with this rich heritage in what is the worlds oldest and biggest industry.

Oleana produce in a concious and sustainable way. We put our force in using ecological and justifiable raw materials. Nature fibres as wool, silk and alpakka are good environmental friendly choices. Oleana and the garments made here sease to inspire to a lifestyle where one buys fewer, but nicer and longlasting clothes.

If you find your way into Fargeriet Café, that is connected to the factory outlet, you may sit down in what is extraordinary beautiful surroundings  with a stunning view overlooking the fjord.

If you are looking for something different, and for that experience that gives memories for life, we think that a visit to the factory will give you just that.

We do believe in whats real and in lovely moments for people.

Welcome to Oleana, welcome to our factory by the fjord.

Source: Visit Bergen


Oleana - Économusée

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