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Olivia Solsiden

Olivia Solsiden

Olivia Solsiden is a modern and cozy Italian restaurant located along the Nidelven river. Each Olivia restaurant is inspired by their favorite Italian cities, which gives the restaurants their own personal touch. The river, the many bridges and especially Nidarosdomen has similarities to Florence, with their Il Duomo, which is why this city is chosen as inspiration for Solsiden. This is reflected in the interior and parts of the food menu, where you’ll find the infamous Bistecca alla Fiorentina and a Tuscan vegetable soup – typical dishes in Florence and Tuscany. Open fireplaces, candle lights and olive trees make for a relaxed and informal atmosphere – the Olivian way. In Trondheim, Olivia is located in the old ship yard turned contemporary neighbourhood, Solsiden.

Olivia’s first restaurant opened its doors on Aker Brygge, Oslo in 2006. Today, there are eight restaurants in five different cities in Norway and Sweden. The core menu and atmosphere is common to all eight restaurants, but they also differ from each other in their own way. The eight concepts draw inspiration from different Italian cities – their favourites of course – which characterises the interior and parts of the menu. The Olivia team travelled to Naples, Rome, Venice, Milan, Florence, Portofino and Palermo, Sicily to gather local recipes to each restaurant to give them individual personality.

No matter where you visit, you will experience the special atmosphere Olivia is known for modern and cosy spaces with fireplaces and candle lights, great food and an informal and lively vibe, just like you know it from Italy. On the menu, you will find stone-baked pizza, classic pasta dishes, antipasti, salads and soups, main courses and desserts. We dare say they have something for everyone and anyone.


Last updated: 10/01/2020

Source: Visit Trondheim AS

Olivia Solsiden

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