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Oppstrynsvatnet lake

Oppstrynsvatnet lake is a gem that is as green as Lovatnet lake and is surrounded by mountains towering 1,900 metres above sea level.

The lake extends from Hjelle in Oppstryn to Mindresunde, where the Stryneelva river begins, and eventually ends in the Nordfjord near Stryn. The rivers Hjelldøla, Erdalselva and Glomsdøla fill Oppstrynsvatnet lake with green glacial water. The clay in this water gives the lake its grey-green colour. At its deepest point, at Nesje, Oppstrynsvatnet lake is 230 metres deep, making it one of the 20 deepest lakes in Norway. There are a lot of Arctic char and freshwater trout in Strynevatnet lake. Towards the end of summer, sea trout and salmon also make their way from the fjord. Eels can also be caught. You can fish with a fishing rod with a spinner, fly or worm. Otter boards are also permitted. Fishing permits are required to fish in the lake and tributaries. You can buy a fishing permit at Holmevik Camping, Strynsvatn Camping, Mindresunde Camping and Lidasanden in Veslebygda. You can buy a day, week or season permit. Children and adolescents up to and including 16 years don’t need a fishing permit. There are several places to hire a kayak, canoe, or boat, including the Jostedalsbreen National Park Visitor Centre and Hjelle Hotell.

Source: Nordfjord


Oppstrynsvatnet lake

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