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Orala - The Norwegian Forest-Finnish Museum

Orala in Varaldskogen​​​​​​.
Orala, also known as Aronstorpet, is located in Varaldskogen and is an intact garden complex that the museum bought in 2011. The garden was cleared by forester Samuel Orainen in 1692, and was in operation until the 1980s. The museum runs the farm in collaboration with Austmarka Historielag and Oralas Venner.

The Garden has a built environment of 15 buildings that span more than 200 years, and which show the variety in building types that could be found on a farm in the Finnskogen, when the goal was to be self-sufficient in most things. In addition to the necessary farm buildings such as a barn, summer barn, hayloft, cookhouse, storehouse and cellar, there is also a forge and sawmill on the farm. And even a slatted cabin by Søndre Øyersjøen, for storing fishing gear.

The 60 km long Finnskogrunden hiking trail goes over the farmyard, and gives hikers the experiences of history, natural diversity and idyll.

The Garden was protected as a Finnish forest cultural monument in October 2019. The protection in 2019 includes both the built environment and the landscape in the infield, in great understanding with the museum's use of the property.

The Norwegian Forest-Finnish Museum
The Norwegian Forest-Finnish Museum is a foundation consisting of four founders/departments; Åsnes Finnskog History Association, Gruetunet Museum, Finnetunet and Austmarka History Association. The foundation manages the founders' properties and also owns buildings acquired after 2005, which is the year of foundation.

Some of the departments have existed for more than 75 years and make the museum one of the largest in Norway in terms of collection size. The museum's administration is located in rented premises at Svullrya in Svullrya old school, but a new museum building is being planned at Svullrya.

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Source: Visit Innlandet


Orala - The Norwegian Forest-Finnish Museum

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