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Ormøya and Malmøya islands

Two islands just east of the city centre, accessible by bus. Solvikbukta at Malmøya has a nice sandy beach.

Two islands just east of the city centre, connected to the mainland by bridge. The bus from the city centre gets you here in ten minutes.

To get to Ormøya, you cross Ormsundbrua, a beautiful wrought-iron bridge from 1922. The island has beautiful Swiss-style houses from the 1860s and 1870s, and Ormøy church from 1892 was built in the same style.

From Ormøya another bridge takes you to the larger island Malmøya. On the south end of Malmøya, one kilometre from the bus stop, you find Solvikbukta with a sandy beach, toilets and some parking spaces. The coastline is generally not available except for the north and south on the island. Malmøya also has lush forests, and parts of the island is a nature reserve. 

You are not allowed to camp or light a fire on the islands. Grills can only be used on gravel or sand.

Last updated: 06/07/2023

Source: VisitOSLO as

Ormøya and Malmøya islands

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