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Ornes - Nystølen - Kinsedal

The walk starts by the Urnes stave church. To the left from the church, you will find an old cart track in good condition, leading to the farm Urneskroken.

This farm was in operation until the 1970s. Before you start walking down towards Urneskroken (about 300 meters before the farm), you will find a well marked path to the right towards Nystølen. 

The trail passes Kvannegjelet, going up Galdane where the trail runs in seven seven sharp bends up to Rognelid. Here there is a beautiful view to Solvorn and Mollandsmarka. The path continues gently up-hil and you get a nice view of Kroekn and Høyheimsvik. The trail goes past "Durao" (you hear but can not see the river) and continues to Geithaug. From here there is a great view of Luster, Høyheimsvik and Gaupne. The path after you have walked through the forest is a bit poor, but there lies a cabin to the right of the trail and a pond on the left. When you pass the pond you will see the farms on Nystølen, which lies about 900 meters above sea level.

From Nystølen the path continues down towards Kinsedal. 
Normal walking time from Ornes to Nystølen is about 2.5 hours. The terrain is steep. From Nystølen to Kveken, there is about 30-40 minutes walking time in easy terrain.

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS


Ornes - Nystølen - Kinsedal

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