Øystre Slidre

Pack-Rafting - Raudøla River - 2,5 hrs


Fresh summer activity for the whole family with the right amount of thrill. The silent travelling of the Pack-Raft will bring you closer to nature​ and awake the adventurer in you.

Pack-rafting is both revitalizing and relaxing. The serenity you will experience quietly drifting down the river stands in perfect contrast to the thrill of rafting the fresh parts of it.

Pack-rafting is gaining popularity in Norway as a fresh, funny and green way to explore areas otherwise not easily accessible by other type of boats. And lucky as we are, Norway does have many areas like that!

The silent travelling of the Pack-Raft brings us closer to nature and we often encounter wildlife such as moose and birdlife.

The tour starts with a 10-minute walk down to the river where we will inflate our pack-rafts. The tour down the river is varied, alternating between paddling calm areas and rafting a few small rapids.

Our top modern inflatable mini-rafts are lightweight yet extremely durable and can even easily by stored away in a backpack. This makes it easy to carry and portage them in the trickiest parts, if needed.

Our tour leaders are skilled nature guides with the needed experience, ensuring an interesting and safe journey. No previous rafting experience needed. This is a family friendly activity, with the right amount of thrilling. Children that can swim are welcome to join (min 7 years old)

Included: Experienced guide & all needed equipment. Bring your own lunch pack. We'll provide coffee/tea and something sweet! We can arrange warm lunch for groups travelling together, on request.

Last updated: 07/07/2023

Source: Valdres Destinasjon

Pack-Rafting - Raudøla River - 2,5 hrs


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