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Padling from Vågsberget with Sjøbris Adventure

Padle between islands and skerries in a coastal area around Vågsberget. Explore the old trading town in Ytre Nordfjord.

The tour starts in Vågsberget in Måløy. You will paddle from Vågsberget towards Vågsvåg and Holvik. In this coastal area you will find small islets and bays that provide shelter for the sea.

Vågsberget is an old trading town, and was until the end of the 19th century the most important place, because it was very conveniently located by the rich fishing grounds around Vågsvåg and Torskangerpollen. The trading town has existed since the 17th century.

Information about the tour

Duration: 2 hours
Season: April - September
Price includes: rental of a kayak, paddles, spray skirt, life jacket and paddle jacket.
Capacity: 6-8 people

Source: Visit FjordKysten


Padling from Vågsberget with Sjøbris Adventure

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