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PAN Treetop Cabins

Book a treetop cabin in Finnskogen
PAN Treetop Cabins offers completely unique living and accommodation options high up among the treetops in Finnskogen. The cabins have won many awards for their unique, natural architecture, and received a lot of attention in the international press. A unique opportunity for nature lovers of all ages.

Here, larger and smaller travel companions can gather in a warm and safe environment across generational boundaries. The six beds mean that the whole family or group of friends can travel together. And with two cabins a short distance away, you will be able to expand your traveling party to include the entire extended family, larger groups of friends or smaller companies. Together, you can experience the unique nature and animal life of Finnskogen by either relaxing completely, or having an active and varied stay. PAN fulfills all recreational needs throughout all seasons.

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Activities near the treetop cabins
In Finnskogen you can paddle on the rivers Kynna and Flisaelva, join a walk in the forest on a wolf safari and hear the wolf howl. In the near distance is Gjesåsen Klaterepark, which can offer great experiences for the whole family. A unique journey of discovery in Finnskogen's secluded wetlands with a guide from Outdoor Finnskogen is always engaging - here you can experience bustling birdlife and the lake's hidden treasures on a discovery journey on the water.

You will also find many beautiful waters for fishing, forest roads for cycling and paths for walking. At PAN you can experience the magical forest in different ways!

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Well suited for management-, board- and planning meetings
PAN's unique approach is particularly suitable for companies seeking new perspectives and inspiration, here you will find an ideal environment for executive meetings, board meetings and planning meetings. If you want to explore new ideas and strengthen collaboration in a setting that promotes creativity and productivity, a treetop cabin in Finnskogen is a good choice.

We don't just offer a place to meet, but create a tailor-made experience for your company. PAN's dedicated events and activities are adapted to the company's needs and wishes, from dining experiences that reflect their profile to exciting activities that strengthen cohesion.

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Last updated: 04/15/2024

Source: Visit Innlandet

PAN Treetop Cabins

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