Passion for Skien - Bryggeparkeringa

bryggeparken gatekunst

Design dedicated some former Skiens citizens.

Small When Rolf "småtten" Svendsen passed away, 61 years old in 2011, told an article in TA (newspaper) about a man with multiple talents and potential he never got used. In his youth, a man will have been a good football player, who played in Skiens Grane until he was around 20 years. He played midfield and should have been technically proficient. He must also have been very intelligent and an accomplished card player who hit the most in poker and bridge. But after a strong dose of narcotic 60s, he was never the same again. The tragic incident did that he went in and out of psychiatric care for many years. Småtten lived on welfare, but should have been a reservoir to miss money. "Klarer`u en tier?" he asked bypassers in the center of Skien, which easily could spare a few bucks to the familiar and beloved figure.

Hjalmar Johansen

Hjalmar Johansen (1867-1913), Is an explorer from Skien who were with Fridtjof Nansen at the North Pole Expedition 1895-96 and Roald Amundsen on the South Pole expedition in 1910. The portal with "Hjalmar er vor" was put on the piers in Skien when he returned in 1896 as a world hero after the Nansen expedition to the North pole.

Ibsen (far south at the rock face).

Artists: Tom Erik Heimdal Nykaas, Fredrik Sandal and Amman Gulik (???) from Skien.

Last updated: 11/12/2021

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Passion for Skien - Bryggeparkeringa

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