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Pelle's Reiser in Ryfylke

The bus company Pelle's Reiser in Jørpeland in Ryfylke runs Preikestolbussen, as well as offering private bus tours in the region.

During the summer season, Pelle's Reiser is responsible for Preikestolbussen, which runs between Preikestolen Camping and Preikestolen Parkering. You can also book the Preikestolbussen for private bus tours in the area around Preikestolen, Forsand and Jørpeland.

The bus company offers good service, comfortable buses and competitive prices. They accept all types of assignments from both companies and private individuals, and want to give their customers the very best tour experiences.

Source: Reisemål Ryfylke


Pelle's Reiser in Ryfylke

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