Perspektivet Museum

At Perspektivet Museum, our core concerns are human beings and the world we live in: locally and globaly. A visit here means a meeting with art and artistic expressions, alongside cultural history and traces from our own time.

Visit our two exhibitions on the author and painter Cora Sandel/Sara Fabricius (1880–1974). She is best known for her novels about Alberta, a young woman from a small northern town, with a life-story not unlike the author’s own. You’ll encounter historical objects, visual art, literature, and comics. Listen to excerpts from the artist’s letters or explore her collection of photographs and archive materials whilst surrounded by her own paintings, objects and books. On the ground floor we show the exhibition Europe by Paul. S. Amundsen. Amundsen visited 38 different countries in search of locations significant for European history. He photographed landscapes with traces of cooperation, migration, and war, and took portraits of young Europeans about to leave their own marks on the continent.

Last updated: 09/20/2023

Source: Visit Tromsø-Region

Perspektivet Museum

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