Pick up café - American Diner

American Diner in "Vuddu Valley", Levanger

The diner "Pick up café"  is sitiated on the premesis of Kortmann's Candle Factory in  Vuddudalen/ Vuddu Valley.
With jukebox and leather seats in pastel colours, the diner,  is like USA in the 50s.

- features juicy homemade burger boppers, club sandwiches, brownies, ice cream and more.

The floors are white and black checkers and the bar stools and the booths are entirely appropriate, dressed in a fresh tuirqoise colour. og barkrakkene og sofaene i diner-båsene er i helt riktig stil, og kledt i en frisk turkis farge. The walls and shelves are filled with various signs, posters and things linked to the American Culture, such as Coca Cola commercials, car registration plates from various US states, model cars and a portrait of Elvis Presely. The diner with its special 50's ambience have become an atteraction in its own right.

Reidun and Svend Otto Søyseth, who owns Kortmans Candlefactory Lysfabrikk, opened the American inspired diner following a 20 year "obsession" with everything American.

For opening hours, please check their website.

Last updated: 11/07/2023

Source: Innherred Reiseliv

Pick up café - American Diner

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