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Places for swimming in Oppegård municipality

Bathing areas in Nordre Follo municipality.


Ingierstrand bad is a recreation area by the Bunnefjorden. The sandy beach faces west with large grasslands and rocky outcrops. Paved walkways and stairs make it easy to walk around the entire area if desired, but the area is very hilly with both rocky outcrops and the beach. It's hard not to spot the diving tower. You can get here by car or bus. Two large car parks, kiosk and restaurant, toilet, wheelchair ramp and shower should not deter anyone from finding their way here.

Ingierstrand Bad is one of the inner Oslofjord's most visited bathing spots. There are several diving boards and a sandy beach here. The swimming pool is owned and operated by Oslo Municipality.

Bestemorstranda (Grandma beach)

Oppegård has, among other things, Bestemorstranda, a simple, small swimming area with sandy beach, small grassy area, urinal, toilet and boulders. Follow Mosseveien south, follow the signs for Ingierstrand. Follow Ingierstrandveien until you see a sign with "Bestemorstranda". Open to grandmothers – and everyone else.

The beach owned and operated by Oslo Municipality.


Here is a coarse-grained sand and stone beach with grass and rocky outcrops. Playing and splashing in the stream is not recommended due to bacteria. The beach is owned and operated by Oslo Municipality.

The swimming pool Bekkensten has a sand and stone beach, rocky cliffs and toilet facilities.


The bathing area has a shallow and child-friendly sandy beach with benches. There is also a toilet here. Midtsjøvann was protected as a nature reserve in 1992. If you want to fish, you must have a fishing license. Midtsjøvann is managed by Nordre Follo municipality. There is both a car park and a bus stop close by. The nearest bus stop is Midtsjø (routes 520 and 515).

You can find Midtsjøvannet approximately three kilometers from the center of Ski in the direction of Enebakk.


Gjedsjøvannet lies past Midsjø in the direction of Enebakk. After driving past the old school, you will see the water on your left. Here you will find parking. Nice to swim from the rocks on the eastern side of the lake.


Gjersenga is a nice bathing area with a sandy beach, toilets and jetty as well as a large and nice green area with tables and benches. Gjersenga is managed by Nordre Follo municipality. There is both a car park and a bus stop nearby. The nearest bus stop is called Gjersenga (route 520).

Gjersenga is located on the west side of Langen. The exit is in a hilly bend on national highway 154 between Ski and Enebakk, and comes on a bit abruptly. Drive carefully.


Twenty minutes' walk from the shooting range in Kråkstad, Vientjern is located in peaceful surroundings. Bathers can use the rock and toilets, jump from the diving board and splash out to the floating jetty. There is a cycle path all the way to the water.

Here you can combine forest walks and swimming. On the north side is a floating jetty, picnic area and fine rocky outcrops. The area has several hiking trails. Vientjern is managed by Nordre Follo municipality.


Tussetjern is an idyllic body of water. The pond is accessible from both the Langhus and Oppegård sides. On the Langhus side, a new bathing jetty was established in 2021.

The swimming area has a small strip of sand, rocks and grass. It is municipal, and samples are taken of the water during the bathing season. If the tests show that it is not good to swim here, we put up signs and inform on our channels.

The site has a car park with HC spaces and bicycle parking. Here there are also seating areas with space for wheelchair users and a toilet building accessible to the disabled. You can get here by train and bus. Tjernet is located east of county road 156. The nearest bus stop, Stenfeltlia, is approximately 250 meters away.


Here there is a lot of green space, a diving board and a large gap hook with a picnic area. The area is suitable for fishing, camping and general outdoor activities. Bråtetjern is managed by Nordre Follo municipality.
Right by the bathing area, there is a bus stop called Saga. Route 515 stops there.


Swimming beach at Svartskog owned by Oslo municipality. In 2011, the beach was converted from a naturist beach to a textile beach. The beach is signposted with information about this.

Kloppa (Assur)

At Kloppa, you will find a large lawn area with benches and tables for 40 people, gapahuk and floating jetty. There is no toilet here. Kloppa is managed by Nordre Follo municipal forests.

You will find information about the location of most bathing areas on the digital map

General advice for visitors to the bathing areas

Show consideration for birds and animals, especially during the breeding season.

Respect the dog leash that applies from 1 April to 20 August.

Nature is vulnerable - do not destroy trees and bushes with knives, nails, steel wire or other things that damage the trees.

Never leave litter on the beaches or in nature. Take your trash home with you if you can't throw it in a trash can.

From 15 April to 15 September, it is forbidden to make fires in forests and fields.

Last updated: 07/26/2022

Source: Visit Greater Oslo

Places for swimming in Oppegård municipality

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