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On its own little "peninsula" on Levangshalvøya lies scenic and idyllic Portør. Out here everything is situated for great experiences in a wonderful natural landscape, all year round.

On its own little "peninsula" on Levangshalvøya lies scenic and idyllic Portør, a part of the Jomfruland National Park. Out here everything is situated  for great experiences in a wonderful natural landscape, all year round.

The history of Portør Harbour
Porter was one of the most important outlying ports along the coast, located at the end of Levangshalvøya. Already in "The Sagas of the Viking Kings of Norway " it is mentioned that Sigurd Slembe used Portør as his harbour, and there aren`t few dramatic episodes that have taken place in theese waters. More ancient discoveries have also been made In the area, including an old maritime pilot station and a cottage belonging to the station and its pilots . There is also a reconstruction of an old signal station from 1808, the optical telegraph.

Portør offers magnificent scenery with its many beautiful coves, forests and smooth-cut bare rocklandscape as far as the eye can see. The coastline in Portør and further south along the coast are some of the perhaps most beautiful archipelago parts throughout the district. Between Portør and Levang you will find a magnificent and award-winning natural free-area called Stangnes. With its beautiful bare rocks and bathing areas, as well as excellent fishing opportunities, the area is ideal for a delicious daytrip. Read more about Stangnes here!

Situated down by the water with a small sandy beach and surrounded by beautiful nature on all sides, lies one of the maybe most idyllic and charming cemeteries in the country, namely Ospevika Cemetery. There lies a beautiful tranquility over the place and it`s a nice little detour trip on your way through Portør. Every summer, several outdoor church-services are held in this unique nature area.

Right next to Portørveien you’ll find a nature phenomenon called Brokheller. Brokheller are many big stones that were assembled in some sort of a a "edifice" during the Ice Age and these blocks have become caves and pathways that offer exciting explorations.

Get the most out of the experiences and nature that Portør offers and go on a boat trip. The archipelago is fantastic and the fishing opportunities are many. If you do not own your own boat, Portør Cabins offers boats for hire - with and without engines.

Room and board in Portør
After an exciting day of exploring everything Portør has to offer, theres no better way to end the day than with a delicious meal at charming Portør Pensjonat, or maybe you stop at Fred's kiosk at Portør Hytteutleie and take an ice cream in the sun before enjoying the catch from today's fishing trip to dinner.

If you need a place to stay overnight and prefer a room with four walls rather than a tent or open sky, the respective locations above can also offer this. Outside the sea lies Portør Pensjonat. Here you have the opportunity to rent cozy rooms for accommodation. If you would rather rent a cottage, Portør Hytteutleie, located at the old port of Portør Port, is the place for you!

Getting to and from Portør
If you arrive by car, you may take either the road from Tangen in Sannidal and out to Stabbestad and through Levang, or the road from Aust-Agder and via Risør Municipality and Levang. At the grocerystore Joker Westgaard and the Gas Station, you’ll find a sign guiding you towards Portør. Most of the road is one way driven with small meeting places along the way, so pay attention to the traffic and share the road.

The road to Portør is easily accessible by foot and on bike. National Cycle Route nr.1 goes through Levangsheia and is a good starting point for the road to Portør. If you go by foot, the coastal path route from Stabbestad-Ellingsvika also goes past Portør.
On Levangsheia there`s also a bus that traffics the peninsula and it goes all the way out to Portør. The area is also trafficked by a local taxi. More transportation info can be found on this page!

The ferry, express boat and taxi boats give you a ride on the Kragerø - Stabbestad stretch and take you out to Levangshalvøya in a matter of minutes. The taxi-boats can usually take you wherever you want as long as there is a docking possibility there. 
Timetables for the route Kragerø- Stabbestad may be found here!
Information about the taxi boats can be found here!

Source: Kragerø Turistkontor



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