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Private Arctic Fjord Sailing with Pukka Travel

Enjoy the sun & the views, spot wildlife and have a go at fishing.

The fjords in the Arctic are alive and we want to guide you to a day of exploring at sea. There is so much life in the fjords in the summertime and seabirds, eagles, seals, and massive fish are gathered to feed and stay alive in the rough climate.Cruising the arctic fjords is breathtaking and in the summer an abundance of marine life gather far into the fjords to feed and soak up the infinite sunlight We have made it our passion to create an epic day out at sea for those wanting to witness memorable views, try sailing & fishing, while spotting wildlife in their natural habitat.Bring your friends or family and let us host you for a private day sailing adjusted to your wants and needs. Whether you wish to celebrate a birthday, sail to hike, explore the fishing grounds or raise the sails and embrace the arctic summer breeze - we’ve got you covered!
With your health and safety in mind, we do not serve any food on this experience but welcome you to bring your picnic of choice - or use the spacious kitchen onboard (we will happily provide you with our favourite fish soup recipe a’la Pukka!). Our skippers are well educated on the risks of Covid-19, and will keep a minimum 1 meter distance to all passengers. If you are experiencing symptoms that may be Covid-19, like Cough, Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, sore throat, fever or chills, you can not join this activity.Below you can see a list with suggestions of areas we can reach during your sail. Before take-off, your skipper will present the potential routes and activities and make a decision for today's route based on the wind, weather, mood for the day and the wishes within the group. The suggested destinations are weather dependent, and it may not be possible to visit all destinations in one tour, but should be seen as a list of suggestions and options available to our clients.LOFOTEN - 3 HOURS:Kabelvåg
Svolvær Included: - Warm safety suits for arctic conditions
- Fishing gear
- Private sailing in the fjords around Lofoten
- Binoculars to spot wildlife
- We help you find good fishing spots
- Stand Up Paddle boards
- Certified skipperPlease bring: Warm clothing suitable for sailing/colder days
Number of participants: 1-12
Level of difficulty: Easy
Departure time and place: 09.00 & 14.00, Guest Harbour, Sjømannsgata 7, 8300, Svolvær
Duration: 3 hours

Last updated: 08/14/2023

Source: Destination Lofoten

Private Arctic Fjord Sailing with Pukka Travel

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