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Quality Hotel Skjærgården


Quality Hotel Skjærgården is a family-friendly hotel with its own tropical water park, located at the outer edge of Langesund's beautiful archipelago.

With salt water and beach splash right outside the hotel door and Norway's tropical bathing paradise inside, we welcome you to Quality Hotel Skjærgården.

Quality Hotel Skjærgården is a family friendly hotel. This means that children are always welcome, and that they will always be the ones in focus at the hotel. Here you find activities for both big and small children, especially at weekends and school holidays (Telemark school route) there is a lot going on that will make the days fly by and sleep deep.

Tropical water park
Our swimming park is a whopping 4,000 square meters in size, and with 31 degrees in the water all year round, this is the closest you will get to a tropical paradise in Norway. The water park is a popular weekend activity in the winter months, and the savior for vacationers when summer fails. And when summer smiles, we naturally have a pool outdoors too. It can of course be used in winter too - because the water is always a lovely 31 degrees - inside and outside!

New restaurant concept "The Social"
Quality Hotel Skjærgården is introducing its new restaurant concept, The Social, with a focus on promoting togetherness and comfort. Whether you are local or visiting from another place, the hotel aims to create a sense of belonging. The Social provides a versatile environment for various occasions, whether it's enjoying food and drinks with friends and family, working in a relaxed setting, or simply unwinding and soaking in the atmosphere. The menu combines bistro classics with surprising dishes, while the beer is always cold, and the wine list offers an inspiring journey around Europe. The Social aims to be a place where guests can feel at home, no matter where they are in the world.

Cash free
Quality Hotel Skjærgården makes it easier and safer for you as a guest and is therefore cashless.

Activity-filled conference
We have extensive experience in organizing both small and large conferences. Here you can get inspiration from nature and the sea air. We are more than happy to help you build the perfect conference.

A short walk or drive away from the hotel, you will find Langesund, a town with maritime traditions dating back to 1570. Langesund was on one of the country's most important shipping cities. Many would claim that Langesund is the place in Norway with most sunny days, and especially in the summer season the town is full of culture and nightlife. Here you will find Wrightegaarden, the towns cultural center and concert stage, with what must be the country's most pleasant backyard.

Gea Norvegica Geopark
Around the hotel you will find a large Geopark area, both at Steinvika and Rognstranda. The Geopark spreads knowledge about our geological natural heritage and shows the connections between geological processes and our own existence. The Geopark is supported by UNESCO.

Last updated: 01/18/2024

Source: VisitGrenland AS

Quality Hotel Skjærgården


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