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Røynevarden croft by Suldalsvatnet (Ryfylkemuseet)

The Røynevarden farmstead is situated high on the moors with a fine view of Suldalsvatnet in Ryfylke.

The Røynevarden farmstead is owned by Ryfylke Museum, and is located above Suldalsvatnet lake by Rv. 13 road.

There is reason to believe it has been used as a cotters farm since 1834. The chimney house, however, is from the 1820s. It was probably brought here from Svanes by Jakob Gabrielson, the man who cleared the land at Røynevarden. This house was used until 1893. Those who did not receive sleeping quarters inside had to sleep in the sheepshed. The new house was bought at an auction from a householder who left for America with his family. Here there is a hearth and chimney built of granite. Later a cooking range was added beside the fireplace.

In addition to the two houses and the sheepshed, there is a washhouse, a goathouse and a barn. Earlier there had also been a cowshed. Røynevarden may appear modest, but it was one of the best cotters farms i Suldal. On average the family each year produced two calves, five goats and a few lambs. They grew potatoes for household use and sowed corn on their many patches of land.

It is an sxcellent place to visit. Bring sandwiches and coffee and have a picnic outside the farmstead. No guide.

Season: All year. For groups upon appointment.

Last updated: 01/29/2024

Source: Reisemål Ryfylke

Røynevarden croft by Suldalsvatnet (Ryfylkemuseet)

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