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Rafting in Sjoa - Heidal Rafting

Heidal Rafting has been a destination of choice for exciting activities and comfortable accommodation in the Sjoa Valley since 1992. These take full advantage of our location in the heart of the valley, with easy access to the rivers, canyons, forests and peaks that attract adventurers from other parts of Norway and the rest of the world. Our rafting in Sjoa offering is just one aspect of what makes Heidal Rafting appealing. We also provide lodging and dining options that combine the best of traditional Norway with modern vacation convenience for a complete, and unique, experience.

RAFTING Heidal Rafting have rafting for everybody, from the 7 year old to the experienced rafter. With a broad variety of different rafting trips, we are able to deliver the one that suits you. The Sjoa is known for being one of the best whitewater rafting rivers in Europe. Rafting is a fun, exiting activity that also is safe. RIVERBOARD Riverboarding, or hydrospeed, is an intense experience and the best way to feel the power of the river on your body. We design custom riverboarding excursions according to a group’s preferences. We also offer family friendly riverboarding. Riverboarding is a more physically challenging activity than rafting and one that lets you be as immersed in the river as you can possibly be. It is an individual activity which has you lie on a board with handles, in a full wetsuit with flippers and gloves, helmet and life jacket while you negotiate the rapids in the river. Our guides provide instruction and share techniques for a fun and safe experience. CANYONING Canyoning is a multi-faceted activity that involves making your way through a wet or dry canyon and, depending on the terrain having the chance to swim, rappel, scramble, climb and jump to cover the distance from canyon entry to exit. VIA FERRATA Now you can soar in the air with great views of Sjoa and the surrounding mountains. We have made climbing available to more people, and now offer Via Ferrata right behind our base. Wearing a helmet, harness and sling, you can climb the vertical route up towards Slåfjellet. The final stage is a 30-meter long balance bridge over a gorge where it is a straight drop of 150 meters. This is optional and the bridge does not have to be crossed to finish the trip. It is a spectacular climbing trail where nature, views and a feeling of mastery are in focus.

Last updated: 08/14/2023

Source: Nasjonalparkriket Reiseliv AS

Rafting in Sjoa - Heidal Rafting

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