Reindeer Sledding with Saami Culture

Try the oldest means of transport from the arctic and join the daily feeding of a herd of over 300 reindeer! Enjoy the Arctic landscape in this daytime tour and learn more about reindeers and the Sami culture.

Get to know our herd of 300 reindeer and join on a 30-minute sled ride while enjoying our beautiful, untouched arctic nature and the Lyngen Alps in the background. After the sled tour, you will head towards the fence and feed our lovely reindeers (many of the reindeer will even eat from your hand!). Right after, it is time for dinner. We will gather in our Gamme (Traditional Sami hut) Where you will enjoy some hot drinks and taste our traditional reindeer stew (Biddos). When we are all settled and comfortable, our Sami guide will tell you more about the Sami culture and history, they will show you some of our traditional handicrafts and clothes too. There will be also time for questions, feel free to participate and ask our guide! *If the snow conditions are unfavourable, we keep the right to amend the duration of the reindeer sledding. *All animals used for these services are trained for the activity, however, the behaviourof these animals can be unpredictable and therefore it is essential that all participants follow all given instructions for their safety, and the safety of others. *The sledding takes place as a "raid" where each reindeer and sled are bound together in a long row with the lead reindeer in the front. This means that sleds are shared, two participants per sled. *Alternative: The Reindeer Sledding is subject to good snow conditions and if the weather does not allow us to run the sled-ride we will offer you a partial refund. Level of difficulty: Easy / Family. Not suitable for wheelchair as the snow/terrain make it difficult to manoeuvre around the location. Duration: 4-5 hours Number of participants: 6 - 48 Included: • Scenic transfers (45 min each way) • Knowledgable English-speaking Sami guide • Thermal winter suit, warm boots, hat and mittens • Entrance to the fence and feeding of the herd at our camp. • Reindeer sledding (approx. 25-30 min) • Stories about the life and culture of the Sámi people. • Hot drinks and hot meal (traditional Sámi stew or vegetables soup). What to bring: 
• Camera 
• Warm clothes Latest meeting time and place: 09:45 (9.45am) or 12:45 (12:45PM) at Radisson Blu Hotel, Sjøgata 7 Departure time and place: 10:00 (10am) or 13:00 (1PM) from Radisson Blu Hotel

Last updated: 08/14/2023

Source: Visit Tromsø-Region

Reindeer Sledding with Saami Culture

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