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RIB tours/Taxiboat from Stavern/Larvik

Stavern Dykkersenter takes you on a boat trip with RIB from Stavern or Larvik.

Stavern Dive Center offers taxi boat and other boat transport to Svenner and Tvistein Fyr, as well as various types of boat trips in the area between Helgeroa-Stavern and Tønsberg throughout the year.

The diving center has 2 boats of the brand Polarcirkel 845 with 350 hp engine. Each boat is certified for up to 12 passengers.

The boats are sturdy, and can be used to transport people, cargo, luggage, divers etc. according to the customer's needs. The seats in the boat can be removed if more space on deck is needed.

Last updated: 01/09/2024

Source: Visit Vestfold

RIB tours/Taxiboat from Stavern/Larvik

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