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Ringeriksbadet – the great aquatic centre in Ringerike

Ringeriksbadet – the great aquatic centre of the Ringerike district.

Welcome to Ringeriksbadet!
Ringeriksbadet is located at Helgelandsmoen in Ringerike and Hole, and is a combined swimming complex and wellness centre. We have something for those looking for leisurely fun as well as for those focused on training, health, and well-being. It is important to us that everyone feels welcome – regardless of age and needs. All our pools are adapted to suit people with disabilities.

There are slides for every age group, a jacuzzi ledge, a 5-metre diving tower, and two diving boards (1 and 3 metres). Please note that children have to be at least 10 years old and be able to swim in order to use the facilities without an adult. 

Children’s pool
The attractive children’s pool is decorated with mosaic tiles and has a slide. Suitable for the very young. Size: 27 m². Temperature: 32-34 °C. Depth: 30 cm.

Therapy pool
Suitable for families and adults. Size: 12.5 m x 9.5 m. Temperature: 32-34 °C. Depth: 70 cm – 160 cm.

Competition pool 
Ideal for swimming training. Our swimming pool meets international measurement requirements, and can be used for professional competitions. Size: 25m x 15.5 m. Temperature: 27.5 °C. Depth: 1.20 m – 3.80 m.

Ringeriksbadet has a large, bright, and recently refurbished 15 m² shared sauna. A sauna is healthy and feels good, and can be recommended after swimming or exercise. Perhaps a refreshing run along well-kept and way-marked trails at Svendsrudmoen followed by a shower and sauna?

Catering and swim shop
As a visitor, you can buy food and drink before, during, and after your visit as our café serves food in the reception as well as the swimming pool area. By the entrance and the reception, there is a swim shop selling everything in swimming gear at reasonable prices.

Source: Visit Innlandet


Ringeriksbadet – the great aquatic centre in Ringerike

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