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RingsakerOperaen - "The Opera in Ringsaker"


PUSH by Howard Moody - premieres June 7, 2024 in Brumunddal

PUSH by Howard Moody - premieres June 7, 2024
PUSH by Howard Moody is an opera inspired by the true story of Simon Gronowski, who in 1943 was pushed off a train to Auschwitz by his mother, when he was 10 years old. It is based on several accounts from families and people who have lived through refugee and prisoner status, from the Middle Ages to the present day.

Despite the dark parts of world history, we must continue to believe in the goodness of man. As Simon says today "Ma vie n'est quo miracles" (My life is only miracles).

Premiere 7 June 2024, Teatersalen in Brumunddal.

Ringsaker library, Ringsaker Church Academy and RingsakerOpera have, in connection with the opera performance, a lecture series with forgiveness and reconciliation as the theme.

More information about the performance and the lecture series can be found at
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RingsakerOperaen – spreading the joy of opera!
In 2019, RingsakerOperaen celebrates its 40th anniversary. The initiative, which operated as an association until 1998, started receiving government funding in 1997 and subsequently converted to a foundation. RingsakerOperaen's founders are Ringsaker Operakor, RingsakerOperaen Produksjon, RingsakerOperaens Venner, and Hedmarken Symfoniorkester.

Every year in November, the opera puts on a full-stage performance with professional soloists and artistic leaders.  However, it is the volunteers who are our main driving force. To see this project through, some 150 people give up their time to ensure spectacular costumes, lighting, scenography, make-up, and props. Both the foyer and entrance area are decorated by our own interior designers. And our choir, Ringsaker Operakor, plays a key role.

If you would like to volunteer or be in the audience, or if you have a collaboration proposal, please get in touch.

Source: Visit Innlandet


RingsakerOperaen - "The Opera in Ringsaker"


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