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River kayaking

Austbygdåi in Tinn Austbygd is getting more and more popular for river kayaking.

Tinn Austbygd is situated just 30 km from Rjukan and holds one of Norway's steepest white water.

Josh Neilson and Sam Sutton from Kiwi Association of Sea Kayakers New Zealand have been in Norway and also Tinn and tested river kayaking.

They say: "Within miniutes of arrival we were running a huge slide which we thought was a bit low. It turned out to be on the high side, but still good fun!

We spent three weeks based on the lakeside at Austbygdåi. This small town sits right where the river meets the lake and at the base of some amazing mountains. The Austbygdåi River has a few sections of class 4-5 white water, one where Sam, on a fine day, fired down a huge slide and off a 35 foot drop. It isn't normally run! He styled it, but was glad to reach the bottom! Right after this was the main waterfall on the river, Spanemfossen, a cool drop with a lot of water and a super soft landing!".

They have graded some of Tinns rivers:
Austbygdåi: III - V (hard - extreme hard)
Mår: V (extreme hard)
Gøyst: V (extreme hard)

For map and the whole article, see "downloads".

Last updated: 01/02/2024

Source: Visitrjukan AS

River kayaking

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