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Round trip Ålfjord (32,5 km)

Bicycle ride in Sveio where you get to see a lot.

1st leg

Sveio village - Førde (asphalted cycle-track except 1 km on the main road and 1km gravel road)

2nd leg

Førde - Våga (local roads with tarmac)

3rd leg

Våga - Krossgått - Bjelland - Sveio (local roads then cycle-track)

Where the road from the Golf-park meets the road to the village, turn left and ride on the pedestrian-/cycle-track northwards alongside the Route 47. You have to cross to the right-hand side at Bjelland, and ride in the underpass at the intersection, continuing now alongside the highway E39. Pass Haukås service-station. After Rød, at Drange, the cycle-path stops, you have to ride on the road 1 km, and there can be a lot of traffic. On the left turn into the old gravel road. (From here there's a walking-track to a stone-age settlement site, Geitalemmen.) At Hanaleite the cycle-track begins again. At Førde there is a store down the hill on the left.

You cross E39 and take the road to the right to Erve, with signposts. At Joavatnet there's a walking-track on the right to Børshovda,
189 metres high and a fortress about 500 A.D. At Selsåsvika there is a recreation area where you can swim in the fjord, and there's a public toilet. The road winds through forest and past peaceful farms, Framnes, Oa and Erve. At Våga there is a quay and a shop which is open in the summer.

From Våga you go up the hill, a sharp turn to the right, continue past Mekjeland, in the underpass under E39, and to Krossgått. Here you turn right, past Lid school, and on up to the main road Route 47. Cross over, and ride southwards on the cycle-track back to the Golf-park.

Last updated: 01/29/2024

Source: Samarbeidsrådet for Sunnhordland

Round trip Ålfjord (32,5 km)

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