Roundtrip to Langevåg & Devold Factory Outlet


The express boat trip to Langevåg gives you a taste of the Sunnmøre coast. It only takes about 7-8 minutes to go from Ålesund town centre to via small islets and skerries to the island of Sula and the village Langevåg.

The voyage crosses the Borgundfjord which is known for the cod fishing that takes place there in the winter months of February to April.

If you don’t have much time available you can take a round trip with the boat. You will see a little of the fjord and the landscape around Ålesund.

Hopefully, you have some more time to spend, and we recommend to combine the boat trip with a visit to Langevåg village centre and Devoldfabrikken (Devold Factory Outlet). You may also have time for a hike in the mountains near Langevåg.

The Sula mountains include several peaks, including Blåfjell, Rollonhytta and Vardane, and you can spend from a couple of hours to a full day hiking. For more information about hiking, contact Destination Ålesund & Sunnmøre (info@visitalesund.com). It is also possible to stroll along the beaches if you walk through Langevåg towards Sandvika and further on to the seaside.
Whether you have been shopping or been on a hike, a break at the old dining hall of the Devold factory outlet could be a welcome. This is now a café, and the interior is inspired by its former function. You can also visit the Devold Museum, a textile museum telling the story behind Devold of Norway.

A fun fact about the Devold factory: they were the first to get electricity at Sunnmøre. And only four years after Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. Devold were also among the first in Norway to start using the telephone. This happened when the production was moved from Ålesund to Langevåg. Phone calls between Ålesund and Langevåg saved many trips over the fjord.

Departure from: Ålesund bus terminal, express boat quay

Last updated: 01/17/2022

Source: Ålesund & Sunnmøre

Roundtrip to Langevåg & Devold Factory Outlet


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