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Runde Environmental Centre - Visitor Center and activities


Join the activites and learn more about the Bird Island Runde and the trasure. We also recommend a guided visit to the exhibition at Runde Environmental Centre.

At the centre you can watch films about big natural phenomens, get in close with the sea birds in the exhibition and explore the Runde treasure, that was brought up from the sea in 1972, after 250 years on the seabed right outside Runde.

Guided tour

If you book a guided tour you get to be apart of a rich journey. You will hear the impressing story about the loss of Akerendam in 1725, and the gold treasure that was found inside the shipwreck in 1972 by divers. The guide will also take you around the exhibition showing all the seabirds that nests at Runde. Do you know how many eggs a lunde bird lays? Or what it prefers to eat?

Café and shop

In the café at Runde Environmental Centre you can buy food and drinks. And you will also find a small souvenir shop there.

For groups

For groups there is an own dissemination with the ocean and birds in focus.

Last updated: 03/05/2024

Source: Ålesund & Sunnmøre

Runde Environmental Centre - Visitor Center and activities


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