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Søndre Brekke Estate, Telemark Museum

The main building, Søndre Brekke Manison at Brekkeparken, is truly magnificent and has housed several historical families.

The building has been restored in the Empire style, believed to be how Trade Minister Niels Aall and his family lived when they resided at Brekke in the first half of the 19th century. Niels Aall served as the Trade Minister during the negotiations for the constitution at Eidsvoll in 1814, and the narrative of his role is conveyed. 14 farm buildings have been relocated to the park, forming the framework for a beautiful open-air museum.

Brekke Manison housed prominent families
The large main house, Søndre Brekke Manison, has accommodated several distinguished, traditional families from Skien, most notably Niels Aall. He purchased Søndre Brekke in 1810 and sold the magnificent property to his son Hans Aall in 1830.

The Gray Lady
The main building also presents the story of the "Gray Lady" - a ghost that arouses great interest among the public, with many claiming to have seen her over the years. There is debate about the identity of this lady who haunts Brekke, but all the stories are linked to the Danish-Norwegian prince Christian Fredrik, who visited the farm as the regent (king's deputy) in 1813.

Tulip Park
The floral splendor in Brekke Park is widely renowned. In spring, thousands of tulips are in full bloom, and the summer flowers are a feast for the eyes. The beautiful park around the farm is inspired by English landscape style. Since the museum opened in 1909, Brekke Park has been the city's public park, open to the public throughout the summer season.

Park with historical buildings
The farm buildings in Brekke Park represent the cultural history of Telemark, narrating about living conditions and architectural styles in Telemark. The park also features a workers' home from the early 1900s, an old shop from Kleiva, a playhouse, a pavilion, and a duck pond. The park also has a nice playground.

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Last updated: 01/09/2024

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Søndre Brekke Estate, Telemark Museum

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