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Saint Olav Ways to Trondheim - Seven route suggestions

The Pilgrims' Way from Oslo to Nidaros is 640 km long. The pilgrimage goes through built-up areas, stunning cultural landscape, narrow valleys, peaceful forests and open mountain terrain. Along the Way you will experience historical places and cultural heritage sites of national importance.

After his death at the battle at Stiklestad (1030), Olav Haraldsson was made patron saint of Norway. Soon after his death one experienced signs and miracles linked to Olav's remains. He became a figure of reverence, and pilgrims from all over Europe travelled to Nidaros (Trondheim), the main destination in Scandinavia for pilgrims.

Our suggested routes take you through areas offering silence, peace and tranquillity, inviting you to take an outer and inner journey in a framework of a variety of majestic experiences in nature, culture and history.

On the website you will find a pilgrimage planner with maps and information on the routes and the destination, with details on organised pilgrimages, accommodation, cultural heritage sites, and services offered along the routes.

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Source: Visit Norway


Saint Olav Ways to Trondheim - Seven route suggestions

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