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Saunas on Træna

Saunas with a view really are something special and on the island of Træna on the Helgeland coast there are two of them. The island is situated 33 nautical miles out at sea and has 2 unique public saunas. The local sauna community get together and have themed sauna evenings where locals and visitors alike are all welcome. If the temperatures inside gets to hot we can guarantee the sea will cool you down.

The oldest warf building in Træna was in 2016 transformed into a sauna. The sauna is a popular place for both locals and visitors to get together and enjoy the view of the Helgeland coast.

Set on the other side of the island the “Lill-badstuen” is cozy saltwater damp sauna for 2-3 persons.

Remember to bring your own wood for the fire and that all swimming in the sea is at your own risk.

Source: Helgeland Reiseliv as


Saunas on Træna

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