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Sea Safari

Explore the archipelago

The archipelago around Senja and Sommarøy is wild and unique.
From steep cliffs that plunge into the sea to chalk-white beaches and boulders. Many call Sommarøy the Arctic Caribbean.

On this trip we explore the most beauful and inaccessible places that can only be reached by boat. We take the trip around the island Hekkingen and Hekkingen lighthouse which is a beauful sight in the ocean gap and further across the sea towards the neighboring island Sommarøya.

Along the way, there are great opportunities to see sea eagles, oers, porpoises and puffins as they all thrive in these areas. This is a beauful and low-threshold trip that addresses the highlights of the landscape and wildlife up here.
Along the way we take time to go ashore at one of the islands and look around a bit.

Included: Safety equipment, life jackets for RIB trips.
Please bring: Warm clothes to wear under the life jacket for RIB trips and warm footwear
Number of par ticipants: 3 - 12
Level of difficulty: Family friendly, from age 5
Departure me and place: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1030 from Laukvik, Senja by boat Buster Phantom / Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 0930 from Laukvik, Senja by boat RIB.
Dura tion: about 2 hours

Source: Visit Tromsø-Region


Sea Safari

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