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Second World War memorial - The stumble stones in Hønefoss

Krigsminner - Snublesteiner Scharff - Hønefoss

The stumble stones in Hønefoss - Second World War memorial
The stumble stones is simple, yet important memorials dedicated to those who fell to the Nazis during the second World War. The stones is embedded into the pavement where Jews and other victims resided until they were deported and killed. Each stumble stone represents a single human life with their name, date of birth, deportation date as well as place and date of death engraved on a brass plate.

In Hønefoss you will find eight such stumble stones, all in memory of the Scharff family who met their end in Auschwitz.
Here you may read the stories of their lives, which was torn from them far too early.
- Alexander Moses Scharff (1882 - 1942)
- Jacob Scharff (1908 - 1942)
- Herman Rafael Scharff (1911 - 1943)

- Julius Meilach Scharff (1914 - 1943)
​​​​​​- Lisa Lea Scharff (1919 - 1942)
- Jessy Scharff (1921 - 1942)

- Bjørn Meier Scharff (1940 - 1942)
-​​​​​ Idar Scharff (1941 - 1942)
(The national stumble stone-webpage is unfortunately only in Norwegian, but can be read in English using browsers with auto-translation, such as Google Chrome)

About the “Stolpersteine”-project (German for Stumble stone)
The Stumble stone project was initiated by a German artist named Gunter Demnig I 1994, when he placed the first stumble stone in Køln. Since then more than 60 000 stumble stones have bloomed across 22 European countries. The stumble stones made their way to Norway in 2010 managed by the Jewish Museum, who placed the first stumble stones in Calmeyers gate 15.

Last updated: 01/02/2024

Source: Visit Innlandet

Second World War memorial - The stumble stones in Hønefoss

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