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Senter for nordlige folk - Davvi álbmogiid guovddáš OS

The Senter for nordlige folk is an active Sami cultural center and Indigenous center with the High North and Sápmi as a work area.

At the center is The Museum for Northern Peoples, here you can visit the exhibition mii. The exhibition gives an insight into the regional seasami culture and contemporary history. Mii contains cultural and contemporary objects, interactive displays, movie clips, images and text which gives the visitor the opportunity to learn more about the different themes. The exhibition Mii is temporarily closed due to renovations. The new exhibition will be ready spring 2023. Temporary exhibitions in the museum gallery is also possible to visit. In addition to the museum you will find a gift shop, gallery, sea sami kitchen, Riddu Riddu Festivala, Library, NRK Sápmi, Giellasiida – Sami Language centre, Sametinget and Nord-Troms museum in the centre. Sjit helvedes kåken or A shithole of a shack This historic house is known as both Sjåbakkenhuset (Sjåbakken’s house) and Sjit helvedes kåken (can be translated to a shithole of a shack) and has these two names for good reasons. A man by the name Anton Sjåbakken lived in this house after coming back home after the 2nd World War. His original home, like the other houses in the Manndalen, had been burnt down by the Germans during the 2nd World War, in 1944. If you want to visit Sjåbakkhuset send an e-mail to: or call: +47 91104059. Temporary Exhibitions In our gallery we put up temporary exhibitions several times a year. Check our homepage for current exhibitions. Sea sami kitchen Our sea sami kitchen focuses on local food traditions and serve sea sami dishes from North Troms. You can order food for any kind of gatherings and celebrations. Cultural path If you have the time, drive up to the end of the Manndalen valley. Here in Čáhput / Svartskogen you can follow a trail and learn about the local history in the valley, with its stories and legends. RIDDU RIĐĐU The highlight in the summer, the indigenious festival Riddu Riđđu. At the Riddu-field you can see living quarters such as gamme, lavvu and Nisga’a house. These can be experienced year round. www.nordlige.folk Through our website we tell stories about our diverse region. Rental It is possible to rent meeting rooms, cultural hall, gamme, the Nisg̱a'a house and/or order delicious food from our kitchen. Perhaps you have a dream of consuming a Sea Sami meal in a traditional gamme? Contact us for bookings, tours or other requests.

Last updated: 08/14/2023

Source: Visit Lyngenfjord AS

Senter for nordlige folk - Davvi álbmogiid guovddáš OS

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