Silversmith workshop in Vrådal

The Silver smithery has a shop with traditional and modern jewelery, souvenirs and a Christmas shop with hundreds of Christmas items - all year round!

The silver smith "Sølvsmedtunet" in Vrådal is located in a half-timbered house next to the historical Straand Hotel.

The workshop
In the workshop, the Fairy Silver is made of Sterling 925S. It consists of rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces in many varieties. The jewelry is shaped from plate and silver wire, to simple fine lines in the jewelry. The silver for all Telemark's bunads are also made in the silver smithery.

Gift shop
This is a different gift shop. Here you will find an exciting selection of jewelry and gifts for many occasions, which you will not find everywhere.

The Christmas shop "Nisseloftet"
At "Sølvsmedtunet" there is a separate Christmas shop with angels, elves and the strangest, most beautiful Christmas items. You can write your own Christmas card, we stamp the card with your own motiv with a date stamp and send it out in December.

Welcome, we look forward to seeing you at Sølvsmedtunet!

Last updated: 10/01/2023

Source: Vest Telemark

Silversmith workshop in Vrådal

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