Skarsvegen - an outdoor "museum".
  The 7 km long road "Skarsvegen" from Svartdal over the pass to Åmotsdal. From ancient times, Skarsvegen was the main road from the lower and eastern parts of Telemark on the way to Rauland, Vest-Telemark. The road made ​​passable for horse and cart in the 1800s, and the road was in use until the 1860s. Today Skarsvegen is a well-preserved national heritage 1800s road, ideal for walks. Along the way you can experience the natural and cultural landscape with traces of old settlements.
Course Information
Estimated time required: 4 hours
Means of transportation: Walking
Length in km: 7
County: Telemark
State: Seljord

Last updated: 03/06/2023

Source: Vest Telemark


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