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Skjærgårdsruta - The archipelago route

Skjærgårds cycle route is a medium light and nice trail that suits most people, with beautiful scenery - a great experience out in the open.

Route Length: Langesund – Kragerø 58km (Langesund – Valle 21km)
Marking: Marked with Bike Route 1
Difficulty Level: Medium
Season: May-September
Suitable for: Adults

The Archipelago Route - A Beautiful Bike Ride Along the Telemark Coast between Langesund and Kragerø
Experience panoramic viewpoints and idyllic bathing spots from your bicycle! This bike route starts on the sunny coast in Langesund and takes you to the summer town of Kragerø. You can combine your bike ride with panoramic views by taking detours to Tangen Fort and Rognsåsen. The route passes several bathing spots. There are also some shops and restaurants along the route.

National Bike Route 1
The road between Langesund and Kragerø is marked and is part of National Bike Route No. 1. The bike route is well-marked and has its own map.

Route Description
The tour itself starts from the ferry dock in Langesund or from the town center.
Detour 1: Overlooking Skagerrak. We recommend starting with a visit to Tangen Fort. Follow Vaterlandsgate towards the fort. This area is protected as a natural reserve, so cycling is not allowed, but you can push your bike. Here, you'll have a fantastic view of the coast and Skagerrak, along with great hiking terrain, and many ruins and traces of German military activities during World War II.

Afterward, cycle back to Langesund and follow the signs for Bike Route No. 1. About 5 km after Langesund, head east towards Riis and E 18. There is little traffic here, but steep downhill sections.

Detour 2: Rognsåsen with panoramic views. Rognsåsen offers panoramic views, and you can access it via a 2 km trail from the top of Tangvallkleivene. Note: Cycling is prohibited here, so you'll need to push your bike.

Detour 3: With a beautiful sandy beach. A short trip to Rognstranda before you start on the path at Riis is recommended. Rognstranda Camping is beautifully located with a shallow sandy beach, a kiosk, and restrooms. Gea Norvegica UNESCO Global Geopark has set up information signs at Rognstranda, where you can learn about the area's exciting geology and history.

As you continue cycling back to the path entrance, you'll ride through the forest (well-marked). Be cautious as there is one particularly steep and gravelly hill. After the forest ride, continue on the regular asphalt road to Valle. The road has traffic, so be careful. After a stop in Valle, continue toward Kragerø. There are several uphill sections along the way, and you'll be on a narrow asphalt road. There are several nice stopping points throughout the route. You can also take a taxi boat from Valle to Jomfruland, where you can stay overnight and take bike trips, and then take a boat to Kragerø the next day.

Helgeroa - Langesund operates from St. Hans to the start of school.
Kragerø - Stabbestad operates from Kragerø center to Stabbestad.

Accommodation along the Archipelago Route
There are several campsites along the route. After about 7 km, you can turn towards Kjønnøya. You'll first come to Kjønnøya Camping. If you continue further, you'll reach Hafsund. Havparadiset is idyllically located by the sea, and here you can rent rooms or have lunch/dinner in the restaurant. If you choose not to cycle to Hafsund, you can stop at Brevikstranda on Brevigstrand Camping. Here, you can set up a tent and relax before continuing to Kragerø the next day. You can combine the bike trip with a stay at Quality Hotel Skjærgården in Langesund, and at the end of the bike trip in Kragerø, you can treat yourself to a well-deserved stay at Kragerø Resort.

Dining along the Route
Langesund has several nice dining options. Langesund Landhandel is a cozy cafe with friendly hosts, a yarn shop, local food, and fresh bakery products. Papas serves delicious Italian pizza, and trying the fish soup at Gjestgiveri Victoria is a must when you're in Langesund. Havparadiset on Kjønnøya has an open restaurant from mid-June to mid-August. Trosby Super'n, at the entrance to Kjønnøya, has a small cafe from Easter. Here, you can also buy pizza. A few kilometers before Valle, you can turn off and cycle a few kilometers to Sjøterrassen. There is an open restaurant from Easter. Sjøterrassen is nicely located by the sea and serves delicious food. There are also great swimming opportunities if you wish. In Valle, there is a grocery store, a restaurant, and small niche shops. From Easter to September, the area is bustling with activity.

Source: VisitGrenland AS


Skjærgårdsruta - The archipelago route

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