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Skjolden Llamas

Do you want to go hiking with a Lama? Skjolden Llamas offers guided tours with Lama, and during summer you can buy rasperry from the farm.

Visit Skjolden, meet the llamas and enjoy a very special experience. The farm is located just 500 meters from the centre of Skjolden near the Mørkrid river.

In addition to llamas, we grow raspberries which are sold direct from our farm shop. The farm is also home to a large flock of an old norwegian breed of sheep (what we call our "Viking sheep").

Skjolden Llamas is a part of the farm business owned and managed by Simon & Monika Page and is located at Gulbrandsgarden.

We purchased our first two llamas in the summer of 2005 and were so impressed with these gentle and intelligent animals that we bought a further nine the following year, in addition to the first foal being born on the farm.

Our flock has grown, and we currently have about 20 llamas on the farm, we offer tours and walks with the llamas.

River Walk & Farm Visit

Enjoy a visit to the farm, meet the llamas and take them for a liesurely walk by the river. See what else is happening on the farm when you are here. In addition to the llamas, we have an old norwegian breed of sheep and grow raspberries.

Duration: about 90 minutes.

Price: NOK 275 per person.

Children 0-6 years free

Farm visit

If you would prefer, we offer short farm visits where you can see what is happening on the farm and meet/handle the llamas. Visits last about 30 minutes.

Duration: approx. 45 minutes.

Price: NOK 100

Children 0-6 years free

It is recommended to book an appointment before you come to Skjolden Llamas

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS


Skjolden Llamas

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