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Sledging in Asker og Bærum

Sledging - a fun activity for everyone. Asker and Bærum are hilly and in all neighborhoods there are beautiful green areas that are well suited for sledding. Sledging is fun and don't be surprised if you also get a good exercise.

Some great places for families with children are:

Haga Golf along Griniveien and Hagabråten on the Lijordet. In Lommedalen you meet like-minded people at the Bærum Golf Club and at the "Sukkertoppen" at the stadium in Eineåsen ski resort, while Evjebakken was voted as the roughest ground by Budstikka's readers a few years ago. Also popular are; Solli, Blakstadbakken, Dønskibakken and Føyka, which is centrally located at Asker Center with many nice cafes to warm up afterwards.  A single plastic bag provides excellent slide if you do not have a slab, mat or sledge.

Remember to have something warm to sit on, an extra pair of mittens and something warm in the thermos.


Source: Visit Greater Oslo


Sledging in Asker og Bærum

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