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Sognefjellet Summer Ski Centre

Top training conditions with well-groomed trails in beautiful and magnificent nature! Welcome to Sognefjellet Summer Ski Center.

Sognefjellet Sommarskisenter AS is organizing cross country ski training at Sognefjellsvegen (RV 55), which is the highest montain crossing in the nothern Europe. The activity takes place around the road side in one of norways most beautiful montain areaoverlooking glaciers and the famous peaks in the western part of Jotunheimen. The area lies over 1400 m. above sea level which is an ideal hight for professional ski training. The weather can be magnificent with burning sun, but can also be tough with snow falling and a blizzard blowing. Many top performers in various winther sports have over the last years chosen to have summer ski training at Sognefjellet due to god conditions.

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS


Sognefjellet Summer Ski Centre

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