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Nore og Uvdal

Solheimstulen Høyfjellseter

Solheimstulen Høyfjellseter

Solheimstulen Høyfjellseter is the gateway to Hardangervidda. Solheimstulen Høyfjellseter is nicely located at the foot of Hardangervidda National Park, at the top of the Jønndalen Valey in Uvdal, Numedal.
Solheimstulen Høyfjellseter is a tourist lodge where the good old atmosphere still remains.

Solheimstulen Høyfjellseter is an excellent starting point for hiking, skiing, fishing and cycling around locally or into the Hardangervidda. Store Nordmannsslepa is a famous day trip track which is prepared in the winter season. There are good opportunities to use the track network further into the plateau to Ulvelilægeret, Rauhelleren, Skrykken and Lågaros. Marked summer trails and winter cross-country tracks to Mårbu, Rauhelleren, Åan, Imingfjell and Dagalifjell mountain.

Solheimstulen Høyfjellseter has a total of 40 beds, with single rooms and rooms with 2 or 3 beds. Rooms are of a good standard, with hot and cold running water in the rooms. Toilet, shower and sauna are located in the hallway and in the basement. The kitchen offers home made traditional, breakfast, packed lunch and 3 course dinner, coffee and cake served in the fireplace lounges.

Solheimstulen Høyfjellseter is open during summer long weekends Thu-Sun in July, August and September.

Solheimstulen Høyfjellseter winter open weekends Friday-Sunday from February and throughout Easter. Ski Cafe is open on weekends from February.
We also arrange parties, courses and other events. Experience Hardangervidda in summer. Please contact for special offers and booking.

Source: Turistkontoret Uvdal


Solheimstulen Høyfjellseter

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