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Speedboat to Billefjorden and Nordenskiöld Glacier - Poli Arctici


Experience the stunning coastline of Billefjord, Skansbukta's famous castle-like peaks, and the massive front of Nordenskiöld glacier — all in one day!

Exploring the vicinity of northern Isfjord is the focus of this adventure as we visit Billefjord and Nordenskiöld Glacier. Our route travels northeast out of Longyearbyen, and the fjords we explore are filled with wildlife and surrounded by dynamic landscapes.

After driving our boat out of Advent Fjord and crossing through the extensive Sassen Fjord, we will stop to visit Skansbukta, a small bay located in Billefjord. This bay is famous for its castle-like mountains, deep glacial valleys, and cultural heritage from centuries past.

On this trip, everywhere you look is surrounded by stunning scenery. From the comforts of our boat, we will experience the glacier front, rugged coastlines, and icebergs all under the Arctic sun. Along the way, we drive between icebergs near the front of Nordenskiöld Glacier where there are excellent opportunities to see wildlife on the sea ice.

During polar summer, millions of birds make Svalbard home and we commonly see whales, walrus, seals, and occasionally polar bears. Experiencing Billefjord by boat is a classic Svalbard experience and a rich opportunity to cover lots of ground.

Our speed boat “Stefi” is custom built for navigating the polar environment. Its partially enclosed cabin offers shelter and warmth even during cold days or rough seas.

Included in the activity/package: Transport from/to place of accommodation, guide with safety equipment, floating suit, field lunch, hot drink.

Age limits: Minimum age 6 years old, maximum age 70 years old. 

Source: Svalbard Reiseliv AS


Speedboat to Billefjorden and Nordenskiöld Glacier - Poli Arctici


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