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Stavern is a beautiful coastal gem located in Larvik. Here, the summer pulse beats a little extra and the place is often referred to as Norway's smile dimple or the artist's city by the sea.

In the summer months, it boils in Stavern and the small streets teem with life. The population is multiplying, and the place offers a wonderful southern atmosphere. Here you can walk in historic surroundings, visit the small artist galleries that are close together or enjoy lazy days on the beach.

The charming Hotel Wassillioff is uniquely situated in the heart of Stavern, with a short distance to everything. The hotel offers light and airy rooms in historic surroundings. If you visit Smak av Stavern, you can enjoy a tempting meal while almost sitting with your toes on the water's edge in Stavern Gjestehavn.

A short way from town to the archipelago
In Stavern, it is a short distance from city life to the archipelago, and wonderful nature experiences await. With a taxi boat or with the regular boat M/S Viksfjord you can take the trip out to Svenner lighthouse, which is located on the island of Korpekollen at the far end of the sea gap in an idyllic archipelago. The island is one of boaters' most popular spots, and is perfect for a day of swimming, sun-warmed rocky cliffs and crab fishing. M/S Viksfjord can also be rented for companies, activities, swimming trips, fishing trips and more.

It is not without reason that Stavern is called the artist's town by the sea. Here the art galleries are close together in atmospheric surroundings, and you will find many of them inside Fredriksvern Verft. Here it is great to walk in historic surroundings, at what was once Norway's first main station for the navy in Stavern.

Hiking along the coastal path
Further from Fredriksvern Verft you can follow the coastal path up to Minnehallen and on from here towards Rakke. The coastal path is a full 35 km and takes you to Helgeroa along rocky cliffs, sandy beaches, shallow coves and various types of forest. This is a hiking experience at its best, with a short distance between hiking shoes and high heels. You will pass Mølen along the route, a powerful natural monument from the last ice age. Mølen is part of the UNESCO European Geopark, and among the pebbles you can find over 100 different rock types.

Source: Visit Vestfold



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